This Weekend’s Game vs. the Giants | Richard Sherman

This Weekend’s Game vs. the Giants


We are excited to be in the Big Apple this week and have the opportunity to get back on track. Last week’s loss showed us that we have a few things to fix, but it hasn’t changed our mentality or way we approach the game. We are continuing to maintain a 1-0 mentality and focusing on each game at hand.

Our offense has had a great week of practice and are prepared for tomorrow’s game. The Giants have a very talented defense that is playing at a high-level, so our offense will focus on maintaining a balanced attack in order to mix looks. In this league, a balanced attack is very important and plays a huge factor in an offense’s ability to move the ball effectively.

Balanced attacks help offensive schemes feed off one another. If the coverage is blanketing receivers and hindering the ability to throw the ball, an offense may need to rely on pounding the ground game to open passing windows back up. The same goes for the ground game. This league is loaded with talented players up front. Running the ball effectively is something that is very hard to do. An effective passing game plays a large role in opening up running lanes for the backs. A balanced attack is what makes our offense so successful and is what we’ll bring to MetLife Stadium tomorrow.

Defensively, we have focused on increasing communication and maintaining our next-man-up mentality. Obviously, you hate to see a great player and leader, like KJ Wright, go down. He was a big part of our front seven and our ability to create pressure in the backfield. Even with KJ out, we still have a very talented player to fill in. Malcolm Smith is an amazing talent and has always been a crucial part of this football team. Malcolm brings a great deal of versatility to the table with his blitz and pass-rush capabilities.

As a defensive unit, we are excited to go up against Eli and his talented receiving corps. Eli has established himself as one of the best in the game and has an explosive receiving corps to distribute to. He has great chemistry with his receivers – knowing when and where to throw the ball in relation to their routes. Communication will be a key component in eliminating big plays both on the ground and through the air.

I am excited to lace it up and take on the Giants tomorrow. MetLife is known for the loud intense environment that it creates. The great part about you 12’s is that you guys will travel to support us – no matter how far away from home we are. I know I always say this but you guys truly are the best fans in the NFL. I hope to see some of you out here bringing the noise tomorrow!



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