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A Defining Moment


There are defining moments in every athlete’s career. Michael Jordan’s The Shot; David Tyree’s Helmet Catch in Super Bowl 42; Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary; Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception; Chris Davis’ field goal return against Alabama known as Kick Six; The Miracle on Ice; Michael Phelps’ 8 gold medals – The List goes on. These are the kind of moments that when they happen, you know they will be talked about for years and generations to come.

You have probably guessed what my defining moment is by now. The Tip – the play I defended a pass from Kaepernick to Crabtree to help us secure a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII. However, I don’t want to be solely remembered for that play alone. I know there is more to come for this team; there are a lot more wins to be had and a lot more amazing plays to be made. We left it all on the field in that game against the Niners, it was a wild one. Everyone knew their roles and knew what they had to do, we all had each other’s backs out there.

I knew they were going to challenge me on that side with Crabtree, it was the matchup and the moment everyone was waiting for, including myself. It was the perfect setup. Niners driving down the field needing a touchdown to win. 30 Seconds left in the game and only needing 18 yards to win the game and make it to the Super Bowl. As a defense, all of our practices and games that season led up to that moment. We were prepared. It’s that bond, that brotherhood out there that helps us play to the best of our abilities. All we had to do was execute, and that’s just what we did. That tip was a team effort.

After that game and that play, no one was getting in our way. You 12s were a crucial part to our success that year. I can’t thank you enough for being in our corner like that; I know we had you on the edge of your seats during that game.

I want you to have the opportunity to hold onto that memory and that moment. I have a framed signed photograph of that play (see photos below) to give away to a lucky 12. Every order made on my site enters you to win, CLICK HERE to get started. Season opener is less than a month away, time to get geared up! Don’t let this moment slip away…

Looking forward to this season with amazing plays to come.



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