Seahawks Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner Visit Emerald City Comicon | Richard Sherman

Seahawks Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner Visit Emerald City Comicon


Two NFL All-Pros were competing to the best of their abilities, but Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and linebacker Bobby Wagner were no match for a 12-year-old named Ethan.

On the football field, Sherman and Wagner are two of the best at what they do, but when the two were playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” at Emerald City Comicon Thursday, someone not even half their age stole the show.

Sherman, no slouch himself when it comes to Call of Duty, partnered with Ethan to win the competition against Wagner and his partner. The two Seahawks stars played with fans who had participated in a competition earlier in the day to determine who would team with Wagner and Sherman on stage.

As you might expect, there was plenty of playful banter between teammates-turned-competitors. Sherman noted that “Bobby has been an anchor to his team.” While Wagner responded to concerns about his team’s performance by deadpanning, “We’re just pacing ourselves.”

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“Bobby Wagner is a lot of things,” Sherman said. “He’s a talented middle linebacker, he’s a great father, he’s an accomplished pianist, but video games are not something he excels in.”

Even young Ethan got in on the act, noting that he and Sherman weren’t going to give up their lead, saying, “We’re not losing this. It’s not going to be like Super Bowl (XLIX) all over again.”

When asked by the MC of the event if Sherman could have won by himself, Ethan paused before saying, without much confidence in his voice, “possibly.”

Prior to their video game showdown, Wagner and Sherman spent half an hour posing for pictures with fans, many of them creatively dressed, including one man who had a giant helmet, complete with dreadlocks and mask that made him look like a life-sized Richard Sherman bobble head. One young girl in a Sherman jersey struggled to contain her excitement upon meeting the two, saying, “I think I’m going to pass out.” Other fans posed staging a fight scene with lightsabers, while others presented gifts.

"It is fun to do something different,” Sherman said. “It’s fun to be in a different element and still have a good time with them. The people here are great, it’s a good time.”

Added Wagner: “It’s a more engaging experience. It’s cool to be able to engage with them versus just signing stuff all the time.”

If there was anything disappointing about the day, it’s that Wagner, a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan, didn’t show up in costume.

“I’m kind of disappointed in that,” Sherman said. “I’m not sure he’s the fan I thought he was.”



John Boyle | | April 8, 2016



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