Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman hasn’t allowed a catch in three games | Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman hasn’t allowed a catch in three games


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman hasn’t allowed a catch in three games.

Let that sink in for a moment. It’s OK; we’ll wait.

Not Drew Stanton of the Arizona Cardinals, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers or Mark Sanchez of the Philadelphia Eagles completed a pass on Sherman in the last three weeks. And in those three games, Sherman had two interceptions and a pass defended.

Unlike Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers in Week 1, those three QBs did target Sherman — though not much. Kaepernick threw Sherman’s way four times on Thanksgiving night and was picked off twice (nearly three times). Stanton and Sanchez each threw at Sherman twice, completing no passes against Seattle’s lockdown corner.

While Sherman hasn’t put up the turnover numbers he did last year, when he led the NFL with eight INTs, he arguably is playing better than ever.

The numbers don’t particularly support or reject that idea, but it’s important to consider the 2014 Seahawks have gone through significant stretches without fellow corners Byron Maxwell, Tharold Simon and Jeremy Lane. Sherman has been forced to help compensate for absences in the Legion of Boom, moving off of his usual left edge more than in previous seasons.

Through 14 weeks this year, Sherman has allowed seven fewer catches (23) than he had at this point last season (30), though those catches have gone for more yards (329 this year versus 316 last year). Sherman is also three tackles away from equaling last year’s total (48) in the regular season, and he’s just one pass defended away from matching his 2013 total (five).

In Seattle’s 24-14 win Sunday in Philadelphia, Sherman helped the Seahawks limit the Eagles’ high-flying offense to a mere 139 total yards, including just 82 passing. He tallied two solo tackles, and ruffled Philly fans’ feathers by egging on the booing crowd in the fourth quarter and after the game (see gifs below).

But he still got respect from Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

“I think Richard is the best corner in the league right now,” Kelly said in his postgame press conference. “I think he’s proving it — he’s got 23 interceptions since 2011, eight more than anybody else. He’s a good football player.”



By Nick Eaton | | December 8, 2014  



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