Game Against the Saints

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Alright 12s, this is what we’ve been waiting for all year. We are in a position to achieve something special here in Seattle and it all starts tomorrow. We have plenty of frustrations from last year’s Playoff game against the Falcons, and we’ve prepared all week with these memories in mind to ensure that we never have that feeling again. Although the Playoffs present a bigger stage than the regular season, we are not treating it any different because we have always maintained a 1-0 mentality. This is going to be a dogfight that we are ready to welcome into Seattle.

Our offense has done a great job of preparing and are ready to get after the Saints’ defense. The playoffs provide a stage for players to come through in the clutch, and I believe this is what Russell is prepared to do. In just two years, Russell has developed a veteran perception about himself that everyone on the team buys into. His ability to remain calm in pressure situations is what makes him an elite quarterback. In addition to Russell’s leadership, we will also rely on the clutch play that has been provided all year by Marshawn and our receiving corps. Our balanced offensive attack is what we’ll bring to the table to mix-up the looks on the Saints.

On the other side of the ball, we are keeping the same mentality of playing hungry! Every one of us has a chip on our shoulder and are eager to prove that we’re an elite group. Everyone on this defense is playing for the man next to him. As a tight-knit group, we take it personal when we let each other down. The constant pressure on Drew was a large key to our success last time we faced the Saints, and that is the kind of pressure we are looking to create again tomorrow. Brees is one of the best in the league because of his ability to extend plays with his legs in order to deliver the ball through tight windows. Playing against an elite quarterback is a challenge that we always look forward to. The key to eliminating Drew’s big play capabilities lies in containing the edge and maintaining blanket coverage up top. This has been our style of play all year and we plan on bringing it to the table tomorrow!

This season has been a ride that I don’t want to end. Seattle is a special city with extraordinary fans who make this game fun to play.  Tomorrow sets the stage for what we have been working toward all year. Every hour of every day has been spent preparing for this moment. We are looking for you 12s to bring the noise and help us get after it!X