Week 17 vs. Saint Louis

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

I want to start this blog by saying that I hope everyone had a happy holiday! The main focus this week has been on learning from our mistakes and moving on. We made some uncharacteristic plays last week and didn’t take advantage of a few opportunities, which ended up being the difference in the game. This is how things go in this league. We are constantly facing great teams and things aren’t always going to go our way. All we can do is shake it off and prepare to go 1-0 the following week. As usual, you 12’s were outstanding! We will need all of you to bring the noise to CenturyLink again tomorrow as we take on a very talented Rams team.

Our offense has done a great job of preparing this week. Obviously, there were a few things that didn’t go their way last Sunday, but that’s football. They have done a great job of focusing on what they can control, and that’s making sure the same mistakes aren’t made tomorrow. So far, we have heard good news regarding Okung and Sweezy for this week’s game. The main importance for our offense this week will be pocket protection. Robert Quinn and Michael Brockers are two of the most talented defensive lineman in the league. They are notorious for creating backfield pressure and collapsing pockets. It is important that the offensive line communicates well and gives Russell enough time to progress through his reads.

Defensively, we are continuing to focus on playing against the ball. St. Louis is not a team that anyone can take lightly. Kellen Clemens has done a great job providing a strong leadership presence for his young Rams team. As a veteran in the Rams system, Kellen is very comfortable in their offensive packages. As a unit, we need to disrupt Clemens’ comfort and force him into making uncharacteristic decisions. This has been a major strength for this defense all year and we look to play to it tomorrow.

This time of year creates an amazing atmosphere and provides a lot of teams with the opportunity to continue to play for something. This team has remained hungry for this moment all year and we will get after it tomorrow. We have been blessed with a great coaching staff and fans who have supported us through everything. We are going to need everyone to bring the noise and help us compete to bring an NFC West Championship to Seattle!