Pregame thoughts vs. Houston Texans

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Richard Sherman

This week is a huge road challenge for us. This will be a great test for our team as we move forward and strive for perfection. The main criticism we’ve been receiving is that we are not the same team on the road. Obviously it’s an incredible advantage for us to have the best fans in all of football, but our mission is to be the same dominant team on the road that we are at home. The Texans are loaded with talent and are eager for a big win after last week’s loss in Baltimore. When going into a place like Reliant Stadium and playing against a great Texans team - you really have to get your game plan on lock. We can’t afford to make mistakes. On the defensive side, it’s our job to limit the big plays and keep their crowd out of the game. 

The exciting part about this match-up is the fact that I have never lined up against the Houston Texans before. When facing a new opponent , I really have to put my trust in our coaches and their defensive schemes and strategy. Game film always plays a huge role in my preparation, but this week I spent a lot of extra time studying different offensive tendencies. There is a big question mark around Andre Johnson and preparing for an elite back in Arian Foster. As a defensive unit, we eliminate the question marks by preparing for each individual as if they are 100% that week. The Texans run many different schemes out of their offensive packages. It will take a collective pursuit effort out of our linebacker core and our d-backs to eliminate the big runs. Out of the backfield, Foster is also an incredibly dangerous receiving option. In defending a receiving back like Foster, you really have to depend on your linebackers when the secondary unit is in man-to-man. In zone schemes, it’s on us cornerbacks to be instinctive in cutting off the ball in the flat. 

In all, I am very excited for this challenge. This will be a huge character test for our entire team and I look forward to seeing how we step up to it. Although the 12th man will not be with us this weekend, I know they will be supporting us back home. I can’t wait to get the first snap under way and fight to bring a “W” back to Seattle!X