Pre-Game Thoughts vs. 49ers

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Great matchup and a lot of great players in this rivalry in the west! Excited to be matched up against such a great team just two weeks into the season. Both quarterbacks have matured greatly from last year, Kaepernick is much more disciplined in the pocket with a better grasp on the offense, and his footwork has definitely improved. On the other hand, Russell has made great strides as well - with accuracy and play making. 

Special teams and the 12th man are going to be HUGE in this game. Anquan just had a hell of a game last week so that’s going to be a big challenge against him in the back end, so my goal with him is simple: Knock The Ball Down. And then you have Frank Gore, who’s been playing forever, and consistently getting 3-4 yards a carry even when he has nothing. That’s a challenge we are ready for! A game like this is going to come down to field position and turnovers. My approach and routine are the same as it has always been. WIN. Looking forward to Sunday and thanks to all my fans for the support and love.