Season of Giving

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Richard Sherman

12s as many of you saw I posted to Facebook encouraging you all to nominate someone who has made a positive impact on those around him/her. I want to thank all of you for sharing your stories, very uplifting and inspiring. 

Thank you Naomi Guest Paszkeicz for sharing Jayden's story. It is one that we can all learn from, sticking up for others. Here is what Naomi said about Jayden:

"I want to nominate Jayden Truman. He goes to Chief Moses Middle School in Moses Lake Wa. He has a sister with Downs Syndrome. His sister has faced many unkind, unaware children in her school. Since Jayden has started going to the same school, his sister has gotten more respect from her peers. He doesn't let anyone bully or be unkind to her. He has made his peers more aware that she is a person just like them and shouldn't be treated any differently. He rides the special needs bus with his sister to and from school and stands up for all of the children on that bus. He is a kind young man who has changed the thoughts and feelings of many 6th grade students at his school."

Naomi, send my team Jayden's address and I will send him a video game! Email


Here is what I posted: