Nominate a Teacher to go to the Playoffs

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

My foundation, Blanket Coverage, is near and dear to my heart. Our cause is focused on the students but great teachers are the backbone to their success. Great teachers impact, drive and never give up on their students, even if the student loses his or her way.

I want current students reading this to nominate a teacher that has changed your life for the better, I know there are plenty out there. Our goal is to not let these amazing teachers go unnoticed. Without them, where would we be today?

Nominate that teacher in the form below. I am picking a story that best represents the causes Blanket Coverage stands for and sending that teacher to Saturday's playoff game. This is just a small way of saying thank you to those teachers that truly care about teaching and guiding our youth.

I look forward to hearing these stories and I know I will be inspired.