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Nominate A Teacher Winner


Blown away by how many nominations we received... awesome! So many deserving stories to choose from, but ultimately we selected a teacher whose qualities exemplify our mission at blanket coverage. Thank you to everyone who submitted and we'll be posting the full list on nominations later next week! 

Thank you to Isaiah and his mother for sharing their story of a special teacher, Melissa Bergmann of Martin Luther King Elementary. Here is their nomination: 

"I am nominating Melissa Bergmann, a kindergarten teacher, to win playoff tickets to this weekends game. Melissa teaches at Martin Luther King Elementary in Vancouver, WA. King has one of the highest levels of low income students, and students with incarcerated parents in the Vancouver school district. Melissa is so compassionate and a beacon of light not only for the students in her classroom, but all of the students in the school. I have witnessed first hand kids who have come to school with shoes that are barely held together or entirely the wrong size, and she gets them brand new shoes the same day through the support of the family community resource center and giving partners. Or if a students backpack breaks and she can not fix it, she gets them a new one. Not only does she provide supplies that are needed but also free tutoring. My son Isaiah has always struggled with reading, and even though he is no longer in her class, Melissa comes to school early a few times a week to give my son extra reading help. Melissa sees the potential in everyone and does her best to help them succeed. While my son was in her class Melissa got a new student from Iraq. The student could not speak any English and had never been to school before. Melissa went above and beyond to reassure her that she was safe. Melissa is an exceptional teacher who is creative, and gets her students excited for school, and excited to learn. And yes, Melissa teaches kindergarten, but her class room is not just for coloring sheets and playtime. Melissa has the kids reading, writing sentences, adding, subtracting, and doing science. Melissa promotes going to college, and every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance she and her class chant, "I will go to college, I will succeed, that's my promise, that's my creed!" Because of her so many children who may have never had anyone telling them that they can do anything will now always know that somebody believes in them. The difference that Melissa is making in her student's lives will have an everlasting impact."

As a surprise we sent Isaiah and his mom 2 tickets to the game as well! Hope they all enjoy it. Here's a pic of my man Isiah. #SeaBelieve






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