Blanket Coverage Ticket Giveaway Recap

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

This past week, Blanket Coverage had the exciting opportunity to give away four tickets to the Seahawk’s playoff game at CenturyLink Field. We asked students to nominate a teacher that have had a positive impact on them and/or the community around them. The results were overwhelming with inspiring stories! We received over 1200 nominations. Our goal in doing this was to show teachers that they are not forgotten and that they are indeed difference makers.

We chose the story that Isaiah and his mom shared about his kindergarten teacher, Melissa Bergmann at Martin Luther King Elementary. We were excited to be able to recognize and reward her compassion and hard work. Melissa goes out of her way to purchase shoes, backpacks, and other basic supplies her students need. She also stays after hours to provide more help for her students. It is teachers like Melissa that could positively change the course of a child’s life forever. This is not a small undertaking and here at Blanket Coverage, it is important to us that these teachers are recognized. We want teachers across the country to know that they are appreciated and that their job of teaching our youth is as important as any. As a surprise, we also gave out tickets to Isaiah and his mom, the nominators. Melissa, her husband, Isiah and his mom all drove together to CenturyLink Field and it looks like they had a great time. Check out the pictures they sent us (below).

The day was made even better with a Seahawks win! We are glad they had a great time. Blanket coverage is happy to recognize stories like Melissa’s, of hard working and passionate individuals who make a difference. Thank you not only Melissa, but all teachers that put all their hard work in each day, for being a beacon of light to your students and to those around you!