Student Winner - Max Law

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

For the second week in a row I'm blown away by all the nominations we've received! Every story was deserving of its recognition for all the hard work and dedication each student puts into school and life everyday. Congratulations to Max Law from Highline High School! Hope you can make it out to the game this Sunday with your two free tickets. He was nominated by his teacher Jasmine Kettler, who will also be receiving two tickets to the game! Read Max's nomination below.

There were so many great and deserving nominations that we decided to do something extra this time around. Inspired by the great intentions of Shannon Kershaw, who ordered 15 gift cards from the site but wanted us to re-distribute them to deserving kids, we are giving out 25 gift cards to 10 other students as a token of our appreciation to all their hard work. Congratulations to Alyssa Beatty from North Kitsap, Maccoy Christy from Mountain Way Elementary, Jossie Guizar from Eagle Creek Elementary, Matthew Mejia from Kokanee Elementary, Peyton Burpee from Tolt Middle School, Brendan from Beall, Tyra Lorenz-Rudder from Brouillet Elementary School, Felicia Bazie from City of Seattle, Logan Becker from North Pines Middle School, and Alan Ung from Timbercrest Junior High!

Jasmine Kettler wrote of Max... "I met Max Law on the first day of my teaching career. He was caught up in a class of students that were kicked out of other classes due to behavior issues and first-year ELL students who were completely new to the American education system. Max found a way to get along with everyone, without compromising his sense of right and wrong. Max has a true passion for basketball. He grew up in a less-than-ideal situation and found basketball to be a healthy outlet. He shows respect to those who give him respect in return, is compassionate, and lives by his own set of ideals; with true integrity. Last year, Max's father was killed before he could make amends with him. He showed up to school that same week, and never expected any extra attention. He was honest with his feelings, but didn't let the situation compromise his work ethic, compassion, or integrity. The only thing he asked was for the gym to be opened before school so he could shoot some hoops. He is not the student who will get a full-ride scholarship for playing basketball. His incredible work ethic just barely earns him a spot on the Varsity team. The only thing he has ever asked is for me to open the gym before and after school. He stands up for what he thinks is right, even if he is the only one doing so. The n-word is commonly used in pickup games around campus, especially by upperclassmen. After a lesson on the history and meaning behind the word, Max stood up, as a freshmen, to seniors using the word. His ability to meet confrontation without anger shows maturity well beyond his years. I don't think Max would quite understand why I nominated him for this. He lives his life with no expectations from anyone else. He is, by no means, a perfect student, but he never lets a situation compromise his integrity. I've worked with several students, getting them out of difficult home situations and am constantly reminded of the challenges these students are facing. Max has handled the situations presented to him in a manner well beyond his years. I feel lucky to have had the privilege to teach and mentor him and believe he is more than deserving for an opportunity such as this. Please consider this nomination. Go Hawks!"

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