My Thoughts | Super Bowl Week

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

This week has given me a while to think about how blessed we are to be in this position. I couldn’t be more proud of this team, and what we have been able to accomplish this year. Seattle is home to the greatest fans in the NFL, and we are excited to be in a position to potentially bring home another trophy that this city deserves!

This week is filled with media interviews, recovery, practice, film and game plan installs. When you reach this point of the season, recovery becomes that much more important. All of us have been battling through injuries, and typical wear and tear this year. We have all been taking advantage of this extra week, to recover, and make sure our bodies are good to go for Sunday.

As a group, there has been a few things we have been buttoning up as we head into Sunday’s game. Offensively, the week has been spent tweaking a few things up front, and installing offensive game plans to go over during the final week of preparation. The Patriots are a great team, with a very talented defensive unit. A majority of time on the offensive end has been spent in the film room developing a game plan and pinning down ways to exploit holes in coverages.

Our defensive unit is pretty clear on what we need to establish from the first snap. We understand that creating pressure in the back-field, playing assignment football in the middle, and blanketing receivers up top will be the key to limiting this talented Patriot’s offense. Tom is an amazing field general that is constantly changing plays on the spot, and mixing up offensive schemes. It is important that we create as much back-field pressure as possible, and bring new defensive looks that Brady has not seen before.

I know it is still a few days away, but I am ready for this game! The Super Bowl creates a stage that is hard to put into words. To have the opportunity to reach this stage for the second year in a row is a blessing and a result of the hard work this team has put into this season. To be competing in one of the greatest sporting events in the world is an amazing opportunity and I wouldn’t rather be playing in it with any other group of guys. This team and our coaches mean so much to me. We have something very special here in Seattle, and we are looking to finish this season on the right note. I hope to see a lot of you 12s in Phoenix. You all better be ready to bring the noise!