My Thoughts: Mama’s Boy

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Richard Sherman

This past season was as memorable as they come. We shared a second straight Super Bowl appearance with the city of Seattle, my baby boy Rayden was born and I achieved a number of personal goals on and off the field. I have to say though, a big highlight for me was serving as the iconic Campbell’s Chunky Mama’s Boy with my mom, Beverly aka Mama Sherman.

It was an honor to follow in the footsteps of guys like Clay Matthews, Michael Strahan, and Seattle’s own Matt Hasselbeck. Most importantly, I’m grateful that my mom was able to be part of this year’s campaign as well. It was an amazing tribute to her and our relationship and this is definitely something we’ll be talking about for years to come. We had a blast on set shooting the commercials that resulted in a bunch of funny outtakes.

Number 5 – My Pre/Post Game Fuel

Campbell’s came out with a bunch of new flavors this year including my favorite, Campbell’s Chunky Pub-Style Chicken Pot Pie. Whether it’s a pre-game meal or helping to fuel me during off-season training, I need something that can keep me full and give me energy. Not only does Chunky Soup give me the fuel I need, but it also tastes delicious. Like mama says, “it fills you up right!”

Number 4 – The 12’s

The 12’s are the best fans in all of professional football! These fans stand with us on the sidelines, both in the stands and at home, during every game. We hear all their noise loud and clear on the field and it keeps us going. The fact that Campbell’s included in them in the Mama’s Boy campaign with my mom and I meant a lot.

Number 3 – My Family’s Support

My mom and the rest of my family are my biggest supporters, so it meant the world to me that they were raising the roof in Arizona along with the rest of the 12’s. To make it to the Super Bowl once is such an honor, but for our team to be there a second time and have my family’s continued support, cheering me on, is gratifying in itself.

Number 2 – My Very Own Statue

While I knew that my block at the 2014 NFC championship might be one of the defining moment s of my career, I definitely didn’t expect to have a statue of myself made out of Campbell’s Chunky soup materials. It was cool that my mom was the one to help unveil it during the kick-off game at CenturyLink in September, along with some of the Super Fans. There was no way I was letting that go – it’s sitting at my house as we speak!

Number 1 – I’ll Always be a Mama’s Boy

I play a tough game, but the truth is I have always been a mama’s boy. Staring in the Campbell’s Chunky soup commercial with my mom was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. My mom and I have always been close and she has always been there as a line of support and faith. We were able to grow our relationship through this experience and spend some quality time together. I think her personality definitely came through and even I forget how funny she can be sometimes. I’m grateful that she got to stand in the light with me and have her moment, because she deserves it after all she has done for me through the years.