Traincation Recap

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Richard Sherman

Spent last week in Hawaii with the guys to get back into the groove as a team. It gave us a chance to strengthen relationships that we already have as well as helped to build new ones with some of the new guys. We put an emphasis on building a brotherhood because come game time, we rely on each other and we feed off each other’s energy.

It’s been a busy offseason and we have been making a lot of moves as a team. Picked up Jimmy Graham, we got better with that pickup. Every year you have to try to improve and you can’t stay stagnant. Unfortunately we had to lose some guys, but I am happy for them, they are getting paid.

Building this chemistry off the field is as important as building it on the field. Being able to travel to Hawaii to train and have some fun with all these guys is a blessing. I officially dubbed it, Traincation. We got a lot of good training in and of course a lot of good laughs. It was a great opportunity to get out of the noise and find our in-game focus.

Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks and Teammates training in Hawaii

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I really enjoyed the beach training we did. It’s a whole different ballgame training in the sand and it’s a great way to build speed. We also conducted some offense vs. defense drills. As a team we found these to be productive. It allowed us to hone in on what we need to work on and it was a great way to dial in our communication on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Russ has those guys dialed in on the offensive side, great leader. We stayed productive out there, but also found time to have fun as a team and with our families.

Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Offseason Training in Hawaii

One of my biggest takeaways from this trip is that I have to work on my Marco Polo game, as many of you saw. Guess covering a wide receiver in the NFL doesn’t translate to Marco Polo skills. That will come with time. But seriously, it felt good getting on the field and training again with these guys. It’s like we’ve been doing this all offseason, we are feeling good and ready to get back into that season rhythm. The energy and excitement was noticeable throughout the trip and I am looking forward to that carrying over into the official offseason workouts and into the upcoming season.