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Richard Sherman

Feels great to be back into a football routine with OTAs. My arm has been feeling great and it’s doing a lot better. Obviously, the scar tissue is there but my mobility is still there, I'm able to have a lot more strength in my extension than I had at the end of the season. It just comes down to time and working and trying to get that scar tissue more flexible than it was.

Even though last year didn’t end the way we wanted it to, we are approaching this upcoming season the same way we recovered after the Super Bowl win the year before. You have to wash it off and clean slate. When you win it doesn't give you anything going into the next year and when you lose it doesn't take anything away going into the next year. So you treat it like a clean slate and you go in and you get back to the grindstone.

That’s the kind of mentality this entire team lives by. There are a couple guys not participating, but we aren't worried. They will be ready when the time comes. We know what we have to do and we are doing it. We are working hard out there and finding our rhythm. I can already feel the chemistry building and it’s a great feeling to have these guys by your side continually pushing you to go the extra mile.

Love Our Brothers, love our team and love our 12th man.