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Richard Sherman

I’m sure many of you read my comments stating that no other type of athlete has to go through the mental preparation that an NFL football player goes through. It got some interesting responses from some of the best athletes in their sport, including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Caroline Wozniacki, Jose Bautista, Marc Methot and Sean Soriano (to name a few). 

Dale brought up a valid point. Nascar drivers move at speeds of 200 mph, and come within inches of each other. He highlighted the danger/risk level of being a Nascar driver, so I understand where he’s coming from. At the same time though, NFL athletes produce some of the most brutal collisions, so the risk factor of injury is also present in football. 

Caroline mentioned that tennis players face a different type of mental challenge of playing alone in front of large audiences. I can see where she is coming from; trust me it's a good feeling having your teammates out there, we play for each other #LOB.   

Mr. Bautista chimed in, stating that baseball players face the unique challenge of making split second decisions at the plate. Mentally preparing for this one for my upcoming softball game.

Great comment from Kirk Herbstreit, which I think we can all agree on. He expressed that all professional athletes are required to develop the mental game as much as their physical game. Mind and body are equally as important when playing at the highest levels in your respective sport. 

I’m glad to see the sports community taking time out to debate this topic. Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, I’m standing by my original statement. It's interesting to see the different opinions and I love taking part in these stimulating conversations.

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