Review and Preview

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Richard Sherman

There were a lot of positives that came out of our first preseason game on Friday. Although we fell short to the Broncos 22-20, we took advantage of the opportunity to get some game time for our younger players. A handful of our running backs saw the field, and showed off our depth at that position. We’ve got a lot of film to look over. This is good though; we’ll take some of the negatives and turn them into positives this week in practice. That’s the best part about preseason. Weaknesses are revealed before the games actually count. 

This next matchup will be a good one. Kansas City is loaded on both ends of the field. Their defense is packed across the line, as well as the backfield. It will be a great test for our running backs. I like this matchup for our wideouts too. 

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The Chiefs also have a handful of weapons on the offensive end, and will be a solid matchup for us on defense. I’m hoping to get some reps in early, just to get my feet wet heading into this season. I like this matchup though. It gives us a great opportunity to improve and potentially reveal any other weaknesses.