This Week's Thoughts

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Richard Sherman

There are a lot of great takeaways from our game against the Chiefs. Lots of positives on the defensive side of the ball, especially Bobby’s pick six on Alex Smith in the first quarter. That’s the kind of stuff that really gets our team going. Our second and third teams showed that they’ll be ready to go if they’re thrown into the mix this year.

We had some new men on our line up show what they can bring to the table as well. As a team we are proving to have a lot of depth. Having depth is important and can be the difference of winning a championship. It also means more competition among us guys. Competition is always a good thing though because it pushes us to excel.

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The number of penalties we committed is something we definitely need to clean up. 11 penalties for a total of 105 yards is something we need to consider. We need to focus on the fundamentals and make sure we don’t give up any easy yards. I know as a team we all want to improve in this area and we will make it happen.

As always, after a game whether it’s in season or not, we reflect on our performances, watch the film, and start preparing for our next opportunity to play. That will be on August 29 at the Chargers. They’re a solid team and we’re expecting the pressure on defense with Rivers showing his strength in passing and Melvin Gordon showing his running game. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements each week.