Glad To Get That First Win

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

It was nice to finally get that first win against the Chargers. It was a hard fought battle but a lot of younger guys have been stepping up and putting in the work. It’ll be great to get Earl back soon, but like I said before the young guys are stepping up, they’re getting great reps, and they’re playing good football. I thought we played good in the first half and then the young guys came in and held it down.

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We had a lot of good moments out there but we can always play better. I think we had some opportunities to get turnovers on some of those sacks and TFLs where there were exchange issues. But at the end of the day, our guys made good tackles and we’re still knocking the rust off. 

It felt good to get my first minutes of the preseason in and take the field with my guys but I treat practice like the game so it felt no different to me. It never does. Give 110% in practice and on game day, every day. Preseason is a process, a glorified practice, so you just make sure you put the work in, try to make plays, and work on that understanding with your brothers so that when the season starts you're ready to go.

Next up we have the Raiders at the Clink. It will be fun and different to go up against Ken. He did a great job with our linebackers the past few years and I'm proud of him for moving up the ranks in the league. Think he's going to be a good DC and I can't wait to go up against a much improved Raiders offense. They have added threats, especially Cooper - everyone saw what he did in college. They are a relatively young team but are very talented and play a physical game. We will continue to practice hard and watch film so we’re ready as a unit come game day.