Seahawks History

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Richard Sherman

Heading into my 5th season with this amazing franchise, and couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am to be here. Although our team has only been around since the mid 70s, we have an incredibly rich history, and most importantly, you all. There is no coincidence that we’ve broken the Guinness Book of World Records (TWICE) for having the loudest crowd noise at a sporting event. As a player there's no bigger advantage than feeling like there are 67,000 teammates on the field with you.

There have been some very talented athletes that have come before us and played for this franchise. Guys like Warren Moon, Steve Largent, Dave Brown, Jim Zorn, Joey Galloway, Steve Hutchinson, Shaun Alexander, Cortez Kennedy and Marcus Trufant. Three of those guys made it to the NFL Hall of Fame. We’ve won 9 division titles and 3 conference titles and we all remember what happened two years ago. We're gunning for our third appearance in the big game in a row this year, with only one goal in mind. But that 43-8 victory over Denver will always stand out in my memory.

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It means so much to me to be on this defense for a 5th year now. Guys may come and go but LOB is as strong as ever, and this entire team is ready to bring another Super Bowl title to Seattle. We won't accept anything less as a success. Can’t wait to see all you 12s out at CenturyLink field in a couple weeks, but first we got to go on the road against the Rams and Packers. I promise you this team is doing everything we can to make sure SB48 was not a fluke. We want to build an even richer history here... now.