Thoughts On The Season Opener

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Preseason is over. Got our roster set. It's go time. Playing the Rams in St. Louis this week. I always think it's good to start the season against a division rival because it sets the tone for the season. You are forced to get that extra edge from the very beginning which keeps you locked in longer. It's good cause if you win you already got one of the important games out of the way, even though every game in the NFL is important. If you lose, well then you are that much more motivated to go in next week and put things right. 

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The Rams made some moves in the offseason, bringing in Foles and drafting Gurley. They are looking like a stronger team this year. Looking at the film this week we know we have to be on top of our game. Their defense is hard to break down but it will be a good test for Russel and the offense to prove they have what it takes. Defensively we know we need to continue improving each week. Marcus will be coming in at nickel and helping when needed. We're all on the same page and have been working this week on our communication. That has to be right or else you'll be fighting yourself the whole game. 

Last year we lost out to St. Louis at their home so we want to come back to Seattle this year with the W. This team does not like losing and we still have something to prove. We start the season with back to back away games this year so that will be a test. But we will be ready to go out there and do what is needed to come back to Seattle 2-0.