Week 2 Thoughts

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

We played a good game against the Rams, we’ve reviewed the film and know what we have to do to step it up. It’s tough to start the season off with a loss but we will get that momentum going. We know there are plenty of things we can improve on. We need to make sure we are aware of them during practice and more importantly, execute correctly on gameday. There were things that we didn't execute properly on against the Rams, but we know we need to do better.

Russ was sacked 6 times and put under a lot of pressure and we know that pressure isn’t going to stop, but we have to do a better job at making sure he can still get the ball down the field. We have to make sure to follow through and protect our QB out there. Unfortunately they also made some big plays. Some great plays on special teams, their offense played and effectively. We lost some one on one battles. That forced fumble which led to a TD by Cary helped us get the lead, we just have to make sure to keep delivering on those big plays. It was a great back and forth battle, but in the end they executed better and were able to come out with the win. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

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Sunday is going to be a tough one against the Packers out at Lambeau. They got the crucial win over the Bears and will be looking to keep pushing on. We've spent the necessary time in the film room this week, reviewing and analyzing what's been needed to learn. On the field we've worked on our communication with each other and executing on offense. We just have to keep improving from this past week and make the big plays once again. I don't think they will be looking at this game as revenge but I'm sure they haven't fogotten about that NFC Championship game either. In the end every team is just looking to go 1-0 week in, week out. I'm looking forward to a great match up against Green Bay. I’ll be looking forward to seeing some of you 12s out there supporting us on the road. We definitely felt your presence in St. Louis.