First Win of the Season

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

It was incredible to be out there where we belong, in front of all you 12s. The energy was unreal. Great to get that first win! We are getting our groove back and looking like ourselves again. The Bears were shutdown and I hope it was a fun game to watch. Everyone played well and we were looking like a team out there.

The 64-yard punt return was such a great sneak play and I had the opportunity to go for it so I’m glad it worked out. We practiced it a few times in practice, so it’s always nice when the execution is there on gameday. Tyler had some big plays again, he’s showing himself to be one of the more elusive and dangerous punt returners and kick returners in this league.

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Great to have Kam back out there. He brings a totally different energy to the team so he was definitely missed in the first two weeks. Jimmy and Rus have started to really connect out there. He’s one of the best TE’s in the league and it’s great to have him on our team.

We have the Lions at Clink on Monday night. Nice to have that extra day of practice and come out ready to go. Monday night games are always fun. We will definitely be bringing it again and try to get another shut out game. All we can do is just take it one game at a time and keep improving each week. Glad to get this first win and be one step closer to our goal. There's still a long road ahead but we're confident we can achieve.