Week 5 Review

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

It was a really tough loss. We should have had the win, but couldn’t hold our lead until the end. We knew this game would be a tough one, and we fought hard, but were not able to fight hard enough.

17 unanswered points is unexceptionable on our part. However there's no need to panic or worry. We still have time to change the season around and get our momentum going again. I know we will get it together and continue to play great football. This team knows what it takes to get victories and we will be looking to put things right next time out.

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Rowls was on fire and we had some big plays in the first three quarters. Bobby got that fumble recovery for a touchdown and we got our first interception of the season. We just need to execute like that for the full hour. We were having issues in every aspect of the team. It’s just really disappointing when you can’t finish such a great game like that.

We just have to look ahead and try to fix our mistakes each week. We have the Panthers next, who are also undefeated. They will be coming off their Bye so they will be roaring to go. That doesn't phase us though. We'll be at the Clink so I know we can pull through with you 12s on our side. It will be challenging but we just have to play good football the entire way through.