Panthers Game Review

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Another tough loss. It’s hard to go out there and not get the win. We just have to keep trying to learn from our mistakes. We have a short week so no time to get hung up. We will move our attention to what’s to come and move forward.

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We were 3-3 this time last season, so we still have time to get on a winning streak, but we just have to take it one week at a time. It was unfortunate we had miscommunication at the end which enabled the Panthers to get that game winning touchdown. There was confusion about what call we were in, so we were on different routes. We had 2 turnovers today and multiple stops. We played well overall and had good plays. It’s hard to keep not coming up at the end but this is a good football team and we'll put things right.

Up next we have the 49ers in their house on a short week. We always elevate our game against San Francisco and will look to keep that going. They haven't been having the season they planned either so I expect to grind the entire 60minutes. We know they will bring it Thursday night and we have to make sure to keep them in check and play hard the whole game.