Week 7: Gaining Momentum

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Richard Sherman

It’s always nice to win on the road and get some momentum back. We played discipline sound football and everyone did well. We could easily be 6-1 but the balls didn’t bounce the right away, but that doesn’t change the way we play the game and at the end of the day it will show itself. We continue to be resilient and always move forward.

 Get my Tee of the week!

We only see the 49ers as a division opponent and we see them a lot more than other teams, so we just take it one game at a time and don’t really see it as a rivalry because then you get too caught up. I just do what I can to help the team and I was told to stay on Torrey Smith, so I did what I could and Kaepernick couldn’t get the ball to him so I feel I did my job.

We have Dallas next and they bring in a tough opponent. Just have to take it one week at a time. Hopefully we can keep this winning momentum up going into the bye. We know the world is waiting for us to fall but we'll continue to stay together, stay resilient, and do what we know we can do.