Week 8 Thoughts

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

This was an entire team win. We played well on both sides and fortunately got that game winning drive at the end. It’s hard to win in this league so you appreciate them all the same. Our guys came to play. You respect the opponent because that’s a phenomenal team with phenomenal talent on both sides of the football, and fortunately we came out on top.

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The line has been improving each week and Rus didn’t get sacked at all this game so that was a plus. Dez and me have a mutual respect so it was a fun match up because we both try to win it and you never know how it’s going to end.

It’s nice going into the bye week with a win and we need to continue to take it one week at a time. We are already half way through the season so this bye comes at a good time so we can rest up and regroup. We have some tough matches coming up. We have three home games in a row, which will be to our advantage. I can’t wait to see you all back at the Clink.