Halfway Through the Season

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

It was nice to relax this past week and refocus. But, I’m ready to get back out there and finish this season strong. It’s hard to believe we are are already halfway through the season. We’re coming off two wins before our bye, so we just need to keep that momentum going.

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We have been looking better out there and staying on the same page. We still have a chance to keep pushing if we can beat Arizona. They are tough competitors and this is a big division game. We have to hold Fitzgerald and Palmer who are having incredible seasons so far. I know we can pull through and keep turning this season around from our rough start if we continue to improve each week.

All our games this month are at the Clink, so that will definitely be to our advantage since we will have all you 12s on our side. I'm excited to be back out there Sunday and see you all.