Thoughts on Week 10

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Richard Sherman

This was another tough loss. The Cardinals are a good team and we knew it would be a challenge going into the game. Your energy out there was incredible and we didn't really use it to our advantage. We did not play good football in the first half, but we came back in the second half with 25 points. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the game through to the end.

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Guys made plays on both sides. Defense scored a touchdown and got us the ball back at the end. That’s all you can do. You can go back and forth. They played some good football. We put up a good fight, but couldn’t hold them for the final plays.

It was awesome to have Ricardo out there and have his support. That is bigger than football; we want to win for our brother. We have to prepare for the 49ers and beating them again. There’s 7 games left and we have to finish stronger than where we are now. I still believe we have a chance if we keep fighting. I know you all will bring that insane energy again and I can’t wait to see you all out there.