Time To Go On A Streak

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

We needed that win. I think there’s always time, especially with our team. We always find a way to get things done. We got things done this week and this is a change in the right direction. We still have a chance for post-season football if we continue to improve and take it week by week.

We always feel like we’ve got to win every game. Last year we felt like we had to win every game. This year it comes down to the same thing. We’re staying focused and trying to stay our course until the last game of the season.

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Rawls was remarkable. He stepped up when we needed him, like he’s done all season when called upon. An extremely talented rookie that brings a great energy to this team. That is the theme across this team. Everyone steps up when needed, plays their role, and does a job. Everyone did their part on both sides of the football to contribute to the win. 

The Steelers up next will definitely be a tough matchup. They will be coming off their bye and will be ready to go. We have to come out prepared and focused to try to hold them. Their offense can be one of the best in the league on their day so we will be sure to prepare accordingly. As long as we stay focused, I know we’ll be fine. However with the energy lately at the Clink, we can continue to play hard and come out on top. Time to go on a streak.