Week 12: Have To Keep This Up

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Richard Sherman

What a great win and crazy game. It was far from a flawless performance but we came out on top and that’s what matters. We see it as 0-0 each week and try to be 1-0. We were playing hard out there and looking like ourselves again.

All those turnovers were great. We know turnovers come in bunches and we were on a roll. It feels great to get some interceptions and we have to keep this up. We’ve all been contributing and making those plays. We all want to win.

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They’re a great team and it took everything we had. You have to give Antonio all the respect in the world, he’s a fantastic receiver. It was a good matchup. Ben got out of the pocket and made some big plays but we managed to come out on top with Rus and Doug getting those touchdowns to secure the lead.

There’s a tremendous respect amongst guys on the field. Their team had a great respect for me, and we had a great respect for their receiving corps, and it’s back and forth.

Got two wins in a row so we have to keep this momentum up. We have the Vikings next in Minnesota and they’re a really good team. We have to work on holding their run game and Adrian Peterson. Going to be another good match up.