We're On A Roll

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

It’s great to win three in a row. We are finding our rhythm. I'd say it was one of our best defensive performances of the year. We played great against Chicago. We played decent against Detroit. We had our times when we've played good. But this is definitely more complete. We felt like we were in rhythm against Minnesota.

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Once we get in rhythm, we know we're a hard team to beat. We know we have a championship pedigree. We've been there in big games. We've played in Super Bowls. We know what we're capable of. It doesn't always come together the way you want it to, but today it did.

Everyone played a fantastic game. Rus has been on fire lately, this is the best football of his life. This is a quarterback coming into his own. This is his growing point. This is him moving up into that elite tier. Our D-line held Adrian Peterson, who is one of the best so that was a great accomplishment. We just have to take this energy and keep running with it for the rest of the season, starting with the Ravens next.