Thoughts on Week 16

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

We were off on Sunday. We have one more week to fix our mistakes and get back to playing good football. It was a sloppy game and we couldn’t really find a rhythm. We have to prepare for the playoffs and road games, but we’ve done it before, and we can pull through and beat this adversity like we have throughout this entire season.

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We had too many turnovers and penalties. Our communication was off. We need to stay resilient and we can come back from this loss. We were not playing like ourselves and we need to get back on track if we want a chance in the playoffs. Every team we will face will be a strong competitor and each week matters.

Arizona is a tough team and this week will be a challenge, but I know we can refocus and get better. They already won the division and are on a nine game winning streak. This game will prepare us for the playoffs and the road ahead. I know I’ll see some of you 12s out there in Arizona. Lets finish this last game of the season strong and find our groove again for post season.