Thankful To Be Moving On

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

What a game. I can only thank God and take this blessing. We never gave up. We have a team full of fighters. Mental toughness takes a huge part in a game like this, to play in those conditions. Both teams fought hard. Guys continued to fight until the last second.

I almost blocked the previous field goal and on the last one I couldn’t take that risk because it was 4th and 2. Fortunately, he hooked left. We never get guys missing field goals to give us the win, so this is a blessing. The conditions were very tough, that’s why we were going for it on 4th down because you couldn’t kick the ball like normal.

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Now we have to look forward to the next one. It’s going to be fun, it’s always fun when we play Carolina. It will be a physical game, go back and forth, with both teams running it. We’ll both hit each other in the mouth. Then we’ll see who’s standing at the end. We’ve had great battles with this team. We always come back when it is time to play championship football. We’re going in as champs and other teams have to try to take us down.