Wild Card Ultimate Experience Winner

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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman,

I was so excited I couldn’t stop pacing in my house when I got the email. I couldn’t believe that I was the winner of the wild card experience. Honestly, my initial thoughts were it was a scam. Even after receiving the flight itinerary, hotel reservation number and tickets, I still could not believe it. I felt blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity and that my employer was able to work with my schedule so I could go. I actually flew out to the Arizona Cardinal game the week before where it was 70 degrees and then went to the Minnesota Vikings game where it was -6 degrees. Complete opposite in regards to both weather and game style.

The actual game experience was nothing my girlfriend and I ever imagined. We left the hotel in confidence. Content with the layers we had. It was the coldest I have ever been in my life. Immediately after arriving at our phenomenal seats (10 rows back from the Seahawk bench) I noticed how numb my feet have become and that there were ice crystals growing off my eyelids. I didn’t think I could make it after 5 minutes. This didn’t stop us from cheering load, jumping up & down and staying warm…warm enough. It was an amazing experience to see our Hawks fight in this brutal weather conditions. To witness the missed field goal and to win the game will be a memory I’ll never forget.

In addition to going to the game, I was able to get on Kiro 7 news- rallying at a downtown Minneapolis bar. As well as, briefly meet and get signatures from Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll, after the game. None of this would have happened if I didn’t win the raffle. I am so grateful and used this opportunity to its fullest. I will forever be a Seahawk. Super Bowl 50 here we come!

Go Hawks!!

Thank you so much,

Jason LaBay