Proud of This Team

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

We’re disappointed, but we understand the fight we have and we’re proud of ourselves for making it as far as we did. We didn’t play well enough in the first half. Coming back to within one possession in the second half shows the fight we’ve had all season. We just ran out of time. All we can do is regroup and focus on coming out better next season.

Grab some gear, before it's gone! 

We had a chance to be special again. We didn’t get it done. We also understand how much adversity we went through and the kind of fight this team has. We’re proud of ourselves, we still have our heads high. We battled until the end. There were a lot of mistakes at the beginning, but we fought until the end. We didn’t give up any points after half time; we just gave up too many in the first half. We knew we would have a chance to come back because we are fighters.

We’re far from done. We’re still a young team and guys are just entering the prime of their careers. We are going to be special for a long time. We’re just getting started. We faced adversity all year and almost came out on top. We can’t hang our heads down because we fought hard and came together as a team.

Thank you for all your support this year and for sticking by us.