Bye Week Update

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

I had a great time during the bye week just being able to rest, relax and to be able to give my body a break from the beating football takes on it. It is a breath of air that keeps you going through the long season. As much as our bye week is a time for rest, it also affords us the chance to put our attention to other things off the football field.

Last week I was contacted by Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital about a little girl named Ellie. She was one of the patients there and she had just lost her “Shermie” doll that she took with her to all her treatments. While I couldn’t take her a doll, I thought the least I could do was to go and spend some time with her. My whole family came with me on the trip to Tacoma. We had such a great time being able to get to know Ellie. She has such a great spirit about her and I think she lifted my spirits more than I lifted her spirits.

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I’m also thankful for the work that Doug Baldwin is doing away from the field. Both he and Roger Goodell sent a letter to the US Senate in support of a sentencing reform bill. Doug is an incredible person who just so happens to play football. His character as a man makes an impact far beyond the field. I think what he’s doing with Goodell is fantastic and they are both working for a positive change.

It has been a great week away from the field to make life more about football and to make our communities better.