Christmas Eve Under The Lights

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

It is unbelievable to think we are at our second to last game of the regular season. With a tight and unrelenting NFL schedule the season can fly by in just an instant. Yet, here we are at Week 16 and staring down our second game against our division rival Cardinals on Christmas Eve.

This matchup is going to be different than what we had with them earlier in the year. Both teams are a little bit more banged up. Both teams are missing a key player - the Cards with Floyd and we lost Earl to injury. They still have the same DNA though and they will look to get down the field quickly with the big play. We know Arizona has not had the season that they wanted, so they are going to give us their best shot come Saturday.

There has been plenty of talk of frustration in our locker room, but there could be nothing further than the truth. Pete and the coaches have done a great job of talking to us and hearing our heart for where we see this team going. People on the outside see division; we see brothers being able to be honest and have a conversation with one another. This team is built on respect and we are going to move forward with that respect for one another. You better believe that every single coach and all 53 of our guys are ready to give their all against Arizona. We are ready.

On a lighter note, glad to see that some of our guys earned Pro Bowl nods this week. Michael and Bobby continue to get the recognition that they deserve. Cliff got his first ever Pro Bowl nod and I could not be more excited for him. Cliff is simply one of the defensive ends in the league and it is great to see people starting to recognize that. I received my fourth Pro Bowl selection and I am so honored. Thank you to all you 12s who took time to support us through Pro Bowl voting. We love you guys!!