Credit Where It's Due

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

There’s so much credit that needs to go out to our guys after the win against the Texans on Sunday. All the praise for this win has to go to our offense. There has been so much criticism about them and they proved all the doubters wrong. They went out there, fought hard and executed well down the stretch.

Our offensive line played lights out Sunday. I know Houston was without Mercilus and Watt but Russell had time every time he dropped back. I don’t care about offensive line grades or rankings - what our guys did was amazing. Jimmy played great Sunday. Even with fake trade rumors swirling around, Jimmy made two huge touchdown catches down the stretch for us.

Paul made huge catches for us all day. The league has not really taken notice of his talents until the past few weeks. His speed, leaping ability and his knack for winning 50/50 balls are all among the best in the NFL. I am so happy to see him having this sort of success in a contract year. I hope he gets his money because he works hard and deserves it.

Our defense had to show some resilience this week. Deshaun Watson kept going out there and making big play after big play against us. His ability to create when the play breaks down reminded a lot of us of what Russell can do on the field. We were able to weather the storm and we made enough plays down the stretch when we needed to. That’s a talented offense that deserves a ton of credit.

Earl’s pick six was a huge play for our unit and spurred us on to the win. He was playing robber on the play so that freed him up to go wherever his eyes took him. When Earl has that kind of freedom, he can be one of the most dangerous players in the league. He showed his obsession for watching film because he read that play all the way to get the pick.

Glad to get a win this week. We know we have to clean things up on defense and we know we will.