Defensive Battle for the Ages

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Richard Sherman

We went through a true battle last week. As a defensive player, you want to be a part of a defensive performance like that. It was a battle that left all of us spent. I think someone said that a lot of our defensive starters were on the field for more than 90 plays. To go that hard for that long was incredibly difficult. My mind was extremely willing, but my body started to get worn down towards the end of the fourth quarter. Exhaustion was a real issue for many of us once overtime hit. Our guys had to dig deep to make plays on Sunday night.

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I could not be me proud of our guys for what they did last week. Kelcie McCray was on the field for 108 plays against the Cards. He was a warrior all game. His tackle of JJ Nelson toward the end of the game helped keep Arizona out of the end zone and the tie intact. Bobby Wagner was all over the field Sunday night. He made plays and racked up tackles on defense. He went just as hard on special teams and his work on our field goal block went a long way in helping us get a win. By him blocking a kick and affecting the last kick kept 6 points off the board.

This week we are getting ready for Drew Brees and the Saints. Drew is a guy who runs an offense well and runs it fast. He also has this innate ability to know exactly when is the right time to take a deep shot. We are going to have to be alert for all four quarters to keep them from hitting on a big play. Our DBs are also looking forward to going against Brandin Cooks. He could be one of the fastest players in the NFL. If you give him a single step, he’ll make a dynamic play in a heartbeat.

Looking forward to another challenge this week against the Saints. Thanks to all you 12’s for the constant support!! Hope to see you in New Orleans on Sunday.