Eager for First Trip to Los Angeles

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Sometimes games don’t go as well as you draw them up, but all that matters is coming out with a win. I was proud of the way this team competed last week, and continued to do so until the final whistle. In this league, it is important that a team competes for all 60 minutes, which is what we did in every aspect of Sunday’s game. After breaking down film this week, we had exposed some negatives to work on during practice. We have made great strides these past few days, and are prepared to bring our best football to LA. 


I am looking forward to this trip down the coast to play in the city that raised me. This homecoming truly means a lot to me. To be able to see football implemented back into the LA community is something that has been missing for a long time. Football players and other athletes are great role-models for kids to look up to and strive to be like. I look forward to watching this city come together around the Rams, and seeing some great community initiatives being implemented by the team and players.

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Is it ironic that my homecoming is the home opener of the LA Rams? I doubt the league had me on their minds while structuring our schedule, but I am excited none-the-less. I look forward to going down to my home town, putting on a show for the fans, and being a part of a monumental movement in the city of LA.


Heading into this week, it is important that our defense continues to play sound football. It doesn’t matter what looks the Ram’s give us on the other side of the ball; as long as we play disciplined football, and execute our job, we will be effective on Sunday. This is what we were able to do last week, and something we look to continue throughout the season. This defense is loaded with competitors that can be thrown into many different roles during games, and execute schemes affectively. This is what makes us so versatile, and tough for offenses to game plan against. This versatility, and aggression is something we push to obtain and something we will bring to the field with us in LA.


Obviously the health of Russ heading into this week’s game has been a concern amongst fans and news, but I assure you he is good to go! Russ and the training staff have done a great job tending to his ankle and ensuring he will be 100% heading into Sunday. For this unit, the plan has remained the same; playing fast, smart, and convert on third downs and red-zone opportunities. This is something this offense if capable of, and has proven it can do. They plan to establish this from the first snap and maintain a high level of play the whole game.


In the NFL, a team is capable of beating any opponent each week. The Rams got off to a tough start against the 9ers, but are an extremely talented team. They will be looking to bring the noise from the first snap, which is something we look forward to. This week presents a great opportunity for this team to improve to 2-0, and we plan on taking full advantage of it. I hope to see all you faithful 12’s in LA. This is going to be a show you won’t want to miss!