Long Standing Success

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Richard Sherman

Our defense is playing at as high of a level as we ever have. Aside from the Titans game, I think we are only allowing 12 points a game. I think our great season is being overlooked because we have been playing to this sort of level for so long. Sustained greatness and longevity can become boring to some people.

We take a ton of pride in the long standing success of this defense, but we live in a day and age where people want to crown you for one good season. In this world of instant gratification we know people are going to overlook us. We’re OK with being looked past because we aren’t trying to be some one hit wonder.

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We’ve had a great core of guys - Earl, Kam, KJ, Bobby, Mike - who have helped to sustain this run of greatness, but we have also had young guys step up big. Shaq has been such a quick study for us. You can tell he’s been well coached from high school to UCF to here. He has great fundamentals, tackles well and is coachable. Nothing is more important than being coachable. You can have all the ability in the world but if you think you have all the answers you usually have none. That’s a big reason why he’s been able to grow at the rate he has.

Being fundamentally sound is something we teach hard here. Fundamentals are all based on what you know and what you mentally focus on. Our guys are constantly taught fundamentals and we make sure to make it a priority. That's why I am able to be a corner who tackles well. It has nothing to do with reps in practice because we barely put pads on at practice anymore. I don’t miss tackles because I know how to play the game. Our guys know the game and that’s what makes us great.

That greatness is going to be tested by Deshaun Watson and the Texans this weekend. He is a quarterback who is poised and doesn’t let the moment get too big for him. He also has some incredibly talented targets to throw too. DeAndre Hopkins has great hands and is really strong at the point of attack. Will Fuller has tremendous speed and you always have to be aware of him. We are ready for this test this week. See you 12s soon!