My Thoughts Heading Into Week 3 vs. 49ers

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Each week is a new opportunity for this team to get better, and progress toward our goal of reaching the post season. This young season has taught us a lot about ourselves as a team, and the things we need to improve on if we are going to make a great run this year. The NFL is filled with many competitive challenges each week amongst teams, and the most buttoned up and prepared team typically comes out victorious. Any team can beat one-another any given week. That’s what I love about this league. Talent doesn’t always trump teamwork, and affective execution.

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This week against the 49ers presents a great chance for us to get back to playing sound football as an entire team. We understand the high-powered offense Chip and his offensive unit are bringing to the table, and are looking forward to the challenge. They have very experienced talent on their team, that is playing well under Chip’s new system. I have had the privilege of playing against this offense during my four-year stint at Stanford, and know there are going to be many different schemes to work against. These are the types of match-ups that get me and this defense excited. We love challenges, and this week will be nothing short of that. We have done a great job of preparing this week with the scout team; preparing great game-plans against their looks and tempo.


Offensively, Russell and his group had a very productive week working toward getting things back on track. This offense is capable of putting up big numbers, with talent spread all over the field. They have been doing a great job of ironing things out this week and progressing toward reaching their full potential as a unit. This league is not easy to execute in. Each Sunday is going to have its’ ups-and-downs. This offensive group of competitors has had a great week of practice and will be back in full-swing this Sunday.


It feels great to be able to strap it up at the CLink in front of all you amazing fans this Sunday! What I’ve always appreciated about you guys is your amazing support through our ups-and-downs. Your support is what helps this team continue to progress and produce wins for this great city. I look forward to you guys bringing the noise and helping us come out with a big victory this weekend!