Playing Up To Expectations

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Richard Sherman

There was no doubt I was going to play against the 49ers, even with my hamstring. In this league you always have something hurting, so you just got to go out and play through whatever is going on. Until my body fails I have promised my guys that I am going to be out there on the field.

I feel like we played solid last week. We obviously gave up a few big runs and we want to take the steps to fix that. A few of those runs would have been stopped if our guys’ run fits were right. Kyle Shanahan does a great job of scheming up and designing some unique runs. You have to give the 49ers credit for everything they did on Sunday.

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They do a great job of giving you the same look over and over and it will be a pass. Then out of the same look they’ll hit you with a run. They do such a good job of mixing run and pass while disguising what they do.

Our defense played well. We expect to play to a certain standard on every game and every play. We always want to be getting stops and getting off the field. All our guys like Cliff, Mike, Bobby, Kam, Earl and KJ all expect to play at the highest level on every play. We are looking forward to this week and a chance to give our all again.