Prepping For The Pats

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

I cannot wait for our game against the Patriots this week. The press wants to make it about a rematch from the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, but these are two completely different teams. We are just trying to win a game for this season - we’re not trying to make up for anything in the past.

As we prep for the Patriots you very quickly think of dealing with Tom Brady. He is a master of being able to manipulate defenses by using his eyes and looking defenders off. He’s going to utilize quick passes frequently, so all of us on defense have to be sure with our tackling. Tom does a great job of using the short passing game to set up a deep shot, so we have to be aware on every play.

Tom also knows his guys well and he will put his guys in positions to be successful. Gronk is a special guy who blends tremendous size with great speed for his size. New England also has a tight end who is just as talented as Gronk in Martellus Bennett. With those two guys working the same position, the Patriots can work matchups very well. Throw in Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan - it's easy to see why defenses struggle to take away options for Brady.

I’m excited to travel to New England and get this weekend going. Hope to see some of you in Foxboro for Sunday night. Shout out to all the 12s who came out for Monday night for our win against the Bills. You guys show time after time why you are the best fans in the league.