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Ready For Monday Night


Sunday was a tough way to take a loss. Many of the things that set us back as a team were self inflicted wounds. We can’t have 11 penalties and put ourselves in a position to win. It was a little weird the disparity in penalties called on the two teams: 11 called on us and the Saints only had 2. That is a difference in yardage and momentum that is hard to overcome.

You have to give the Saints the credit they are due. They came out Sunday with a clear game plan to pound the ball in the running game. For a team that has a Hall of Fame type QB and a stable of receivers, they were incredibly physical all game long.

A win would have gone a long way in establishing a lead in our division, but we can’t sit here dwelling on the “what-ifs.” We have another game to prepare for coming up on Monday night against the Bills.

Monday Night games have some clear perks. I always look forward to a game like that in prime time, but it also nice to get that extra day of rest and prep. We are going to need that extra time to prepare for a dangerous Bills offense and a team that will be hungry for a win after losing to the Patriots last week.

The Bills are a team that offers something a little different that we have to prepare for this week. The league is mostly a pass first league, but the Bills are built to run the ball. Lesean McCoy is a guy who is simply explosive. His quickness and speed afford him the chance to bust a big play on ordinary runs up the middle. Tyrod Taylor can also get involved in the run game or scrambling when pass plays break down. We were definitely surprised to hear that our old teammate, Percy Harvin, came out of retirement yesterday and signed with the Bills. I’m glad to see that he has been able to overcome some of his injuries to make a comeback. Hopefully he can make it out on the field against us on Sunday.

It was crazy to see how many of you 12s showed up in NOLA Sunday. You guys are just awesome!! Hope to see you guys on Monday night. Let’s show the Bills what the 12th Man is all about.



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