Week 4: Ready For The Colts

Posted by:
Richard Sherman

Last week was a pivotal moment for the league to stand up and show continuity against divisiveness and injustice. This week will definitely have a different tone but guys are going to continue to speak out because people facing injustice need a voice. We won’t stop speaking out until we see racism, bigotry and injustice come to an end in our country. This message will continue to be voiced this week as well.

Even with the backdrop of more important things, we do get to face off against the Colts this week. I was hoping that we’d be able to go against Andrew Luck, but it looks like his injury will keep him sidelined. I wish nothing but the best for him and hope that he can get on the field soon. Even without Luck, the Colts have plenty of weapons to put on the field - including TY Hilton. TY is a guy who is small, fast, shifty, explodes in & out of his cuts and has great top end speed. You have to be aware of where he is on the field at all times.

Our defense will be ready for what the Colts have to throw at us this week. We feel like we started off fast last week against the Titans. We were able to get a few stops early but they started to have more success against us as the game wore on.  We felt like we just couldn’t find ways to get off the field.

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Two weeks ago the defense was on the field for 53 plays for the entire game. Last week, we were on the field for 47 plays just in the first half. The Titans did a great job of catching us in weird formations and being able to get solid gains out of that. Their big plays in the run game were coming off of a perfect storm of things that we weren’t doing well and they took advantage of that. All of those issues are things we can easily fix through practice, communication and discipline.

We’re looking forward to taking the field against the Colts at home this week. I hope to see all you 12s out there on Sunday!