Real Men, Real Game

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Richard Sherman

The first half against the Colts was a tough two quarters for our defense. We kept letting them grind out first downs and we couldn’t get them off the field. They managed to convert quite a few short yardage situations in the beginning of the game. I was glad that we were able to turn things around in the second half and get back to playing sound football. Being able to hold them to three first downs in that second half shows the sort of dominance this defense is capable of.

We had some young guys step up for our defense. Justin Coleman showed everyone what we’ve been seeing in practice with his pick-six. He is always ready when he comes to practice and he showed up ready today. He been playing so well on the practice field that I am glad to see him get his opportunity. He showed the league a lot today, we just got to get him to work on his celebration a little bit.

Russell and the offense looked good today. He almost couldn’t miss and only threw five in completions all game. He was throwing well on the move and was dropping dimes to all our guys. He threw a great ball to P Rich and a good one to Jimmy. His ball to McKissic was just about as good as it gets. What Russell was able to do Sunday was exactly what we needed.

We had so many young guys give us just what we needed against Indy. We all got juiced to see guys like Justin and McKissic get their time to shine. I’m pumped because they’re out there helping our team get the win. I’m just as glad for them that they are finally having their hard work rewarded.

A lot of fans see an injury happen and they only think of their fantasy team. The don’t think that the guy laying on that field is going through unimaginable physical and emotional pain. That’s why so many players don’t care about someone’s fantasy team. What we do on the field is real life with real consequences. It is hard to watch guys go down because you never know what the effect will be.

We are real people who just happen to play a game. My hope is so many fans can see the human aspect of the brutal game we play.